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photo by Angela Halik


I am a wife to an amazing, hard working husband, a mother of two beautiful children and a passionate woman who loves what I do every day.

My love of photography began as a child, however, at the time I did not know just where that love was going to take me.

When my son was born I became OBSESSED with taking pictures of him. I decided then and there that photographing children was what I was meant to do with my life. To capture that one moment is something I gets so much joy out of. It was then that my life as a photographer took off.


I am not a traditional portrait photographer. I love the artistic aspect of photography and the way natural light can change the mood in a single shot. I want to not only get your child smiling but also want to capture their inner moments of thought and playfulness.  My favorite images are those where the child is not posed stiffly but laughing or not even looking at the camera. 

Photography has not only become my profession but also my passion!


It brings me such joy to be able to capture beautiful memories to last a lifetime. 


Come become part of my world...





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